i am back… well, not really
nobody cares, but
my internet connetion really sucks (maximum 40 kbps, usually it’s below 20 kbps… i think words are useless) and will be sucking for two more months, so i think i will not be posting, maybe only reblogging something time by time
btw how did i get 221 followers? thank you everyone!!! and sorry for not posting anything, really… m(__ __)m
i will be back by autumn, and i’m thinking about making a blog specially for dragon age/mass effect/other games stuff and return this one to full haropuro blog.
god i miss tumblr (´;ω;`)ウッ…
okay. here’s my twitter, see you~ (*´∀`)

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Orchestral Trailer Theme | E3 2014

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the gentle strains of the mass effect music play in the background… thousands of fans promptly burst into tears and shit themselves simultaneously

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D R A G O N   A G E  :  I N Q U I S I T I O N

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E3 2014 - Mass Effect 4

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dragon age + romance

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